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Do I really need an inventory?

July 28, 2016 4:28 pm Published by

So, you’re letting out your property and you’ve been told that you need to pay for an inventory.  The flat is unfurnished so you don’t really need to spend the extra money on getting an inventory done.  Right?


Even if a property is deemed unfurnished, there will be items that are costly to replace if they get damaged. Sinks, carpets, paintwork, fitted kitchens, bathroom suites… the list goes on.  Consequently, an inventory is essential.  Also referred to as a “schedule of condition”, an inventory is designed to record the condition of the property before a tenant moves in and just before they leave, so it can be made clear what damages (if any) need to be paid for out of the deposit.  It protects both the tenant and the landlord in this respect and forms the basis of a tenant’s check in to and check out from a property.

Bristol Letting and Management and Inventories

Neglecting to have a proper inventory prepared is a false economy as a good inventory with photographs can prevent disputes when a tenant leaves. It is impossible to prove what condition a property was in when a tenant moved in without one and not having an inventory puts you at risk of not being able to make any valid deductions from a tenant’s deposit.  It’s an extremely useful document and something we insist on with our landlords.

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